Where's Dad?

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Coming in 2019

My new book, Where’s Dad?, will be published in 2019.

When I was growing up, it was a question I asked often. My father was a serial entrepreneur. He was always starting another new business or spending time on the ones he’d already created.

My dad did what he thought was best to help create a great life for us in terms of material items — but he was almost never around.

You don’t have to repeat the same pattern. I believe children are our biggest teachers and our biggest opportunity for personal growth — if you go ‘all in’ with being a present parent.

When my first child was born, I knew that I would be different. But I didn’t really know how.

There is no way that you can fully prepare yourself to have a child. And when you’re also running a successful business, a new addition to the family can be very stressful.

If you can’t find the time to be there for both your business and your family, it will only get harder as your children grow. And, if you do, more often than not it’s too late to create a lifetime bond that will provide nourishment forever. No money in the world can buy back that time.

It’s been an amazing journey that I’m grateful for. I’ve had a dream of writing a book for almost twenty years.

The one residing memory I have of creating and launching this book is that of me making sure that each word, sentence, and paragraph had meaning to me. This is the book I wish I’d read all those years ago when I was trying to start a family while running a business chasing conventional success.

This book wakes entrepreneurs up and provides them with the inspiration to create an empowered life for themselves and their families, so each member is aware of their highest values and vision and creates unconditional love throughout the family ecosystem to allow everyone to live an inspired life and promotes the profession of coaching and what’s possible when you find a coach to guide you. This also is illustrated by helping guide employees to create a life led by their highest values and link their employment to it — creating a thriving and inspirational culture.

The book helps people connect with their heart and wakes them up from being asleep at the wheel to the real beauty of living a life lead with love, values, purpose, and being a present parent and partner.

The book’s undercurrent is one of love and acceptance for all members of a family, providing support for each other to live an inspirational life from their highest values with respectful, authentic, and loving communication to create stronger relationships. It is something I have practised with my own family and the book is the first published expression of my philosophy, and my work, which I will take into the world.

It also highlights the belief I have that coaching is an essential part of development for any human and allows people to experience, through the lead character Ben’s journey, how coaching can be the catalyst to enable people to transform their own lives and the lives’ of the ones they love most.

Where’s Dad? will help you define your priorities and make time for the most important things in your life.  To get a sample chapter of Where’s Dad? when it’s ready in spring 2019, please join my newsletter list.

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