Overwhelm. Chaos. Monkey mind.

It has several names, that feeling of complete disorganisation.

Not knowing where to start.

Or what the priority is for today, this week, this month.

It’s not healthy.

I spent years in overwhelm and felt the impact personally with my health.

Gaining weight, non-stop colds, feeling exhausted and falling asleep each night on the sofa checking emails.

I felt the impact on my personal relationships.

Becoming more distant from those close to me, my friends, family, my wife.

My inner game, or mindset, was all over the place.

My strategy … to do more.

Keep moving, because it will change.

Little did I know that this doesn’t actually work.

One of the most damaging elements of being in chaos, is that it stops you thinking strategically. If you’re not spending time working ‘on’ your business and life, then nobody is, so chances are nothing will ever change (You’ve probably heard that much banded about quote from Einstein, who said the definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again whilst expecting different results).

If you have a team of people working with you, and you’re in overwhelm, they will be in overwhelm too.

That’s why they don’t do as good a job as you’d like.

That’s why you feel that, whatever you do, you can’t find good people.

Your business, and life, is a reflection of you as a leader, as a person.

The first step to getting out of overwhelm is having the awareness to feel that you’re actually in it, because the majority of business owners are numb to their situation.

– If you’re constantly connected to your smartphone, it’s a clue.

– If you find it hard to be present with people, your colleagues, your family, your kids, it’s a clue.

– If you suffer from shiny object syndrome and keep jumping around from one project to another without any clear plan, it’s a clue.

– If you’re working long hours and always feel like you’re not making progress, that’s a clue.

I have the antidote. If you’re willing to do what it takes.

Step one.

Get a blank document, notepad or whatever you prefer to write on and brain dump EVERYTHING you currently have going on in your life.


All tasks, projects, goals, etc. It doesn’t have to be in any order, just get them out of your head and onto something else.

Then, pick some categories so you can put each one into a certain area, for example:

– Health
– Business
– Family
– Friends
– Inner game, etc.

Then, categorise each on into whether it’s a task, project, or goal.

A task is one action, such as: Send email to John about management accounts review.

A project is a collection of tasks that, when all completed, end with a specific result, such as: Monthly management accounts review.

A goal is something you should be able to feel and see, with a date on it, written in as if it’s already happened, such as: It’s 3 June 2016 and I’ve run through the finish tape at my first triathlon in under four hours, and the champagne I’m drinking is taking the pain away from my aching body.

Just by doing this you should start to feel better and have a clearer head.

Your head should not be used as a hard drive to store EVERYTHING, it should be use for thinking and being, because that will get you to where you want to go.

The next step is to organise and prioritise the list you have, for example:

You should have meaningful goals that are top of the page with projects that are aligned to these goals sitting beneath them, and tasks below each project.

Such as:

Goal: It’s 3 June 2016 and I’ve run through the finish tape at my first triathlon in under four hours, and the champagne I’m drinking is taking the pain away from my aching body.

Project: Healthy eating project

– Task 1: Research nutrition advice online by 6 May
– Task 2: Call three local nutritionists and arrange meeting by 7 May
– Task 3: Meet first nutritionist by 8 May, etc

Can you see how this will very quickly allow you to see how full your plate is and give you some semblance of order in your life.

You may notice that you have a lot of ‘stuff’ in your list that really shouldn’t be on your plate as a CEO or owner of a business – call it junk food.

If your plate is full of junk food you have no room for broccoli.

Broccoli is good for you and will help you live longer.

So will getting organised. And bring those you care about closer to you for those deep and meaningful relationships you want.

As with any change in life, or business, it starts with a choice.

You always have a choice.

Even choosing not to get organised is a choice …

Be authentic. You always have a choice. Lead.

David Foster

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