Do you have a desire to make 2020 your best year ever?

     If so … you’re in the right place!      The reason you’re here is because I’ve personally selected you to receive an invitation to join me at an exclusive two-day event with me happening on the 25/26 November 2019 called ‘Get Clarity’.      This intimate experience, with a maximum of 20 people, has the potential to facilitate real change and order in your life that could make a real difference to you personally and professionally in 2020 and beyond.      If you have a sense that you’re at a turning point have a desire to create your best year yet in 2020 then read on to find out what I have in store for you if you choose to join me on this powerful journey happening over two days in the picturesque surroundings in a stunning countryside location at Hanbury Manor Golf and Country Club.

What is ‘clarity’ and why is it important?

     The problem most people have with their lives is they lack clarity about what they want in their life … but what does a life without clarity and with clarity actually look like in the real world and why is it so important?

     My experience working with individuals and organizations over several years throughout the world has demonstrated to me time and time again that clarity is the hidden factor … always dismissed and underrated until the consequences of that dismissal show up in year-end disappointment and confusion about the true source of under-performance.

     And, having you grasp how and why the understanding and systematic application of CLARITY is the fastest and most effective way to create your best year yet is my intention for our time together at this event.

     Here are some common examples of what life looks like both with clarity and without clarity..

     With clarity …

 … looks like starting each day opening an organised calendar with high priority items scheduled AND still having plenty of available space … knowing exactly what vision-aligned projects are the priority items to be worked on … choosing to check emails after lunch because you control your inbox rather having it control you.

     Without clarity …

 … people behave like moths fluttering around the latest light bulb … or magpies chasing the newest shiny object they’ve just spotted with an expectation that when they get it, whatever it is, everything will change (it never does).

     With clarity …

 … looks like having a solid set of meaningful goals set inside an inspiring vision … backed up by a realistic plan … with simple step-by-step actions and clear metrics to measure your progress on your way to creating your best year yet.

     Without clarity …

 … people have vague hopes and dreams that have been drifting around their mind for years but have somehow been blurred out by the busy’ness of day-to-day life … they just don’t know how to bring their desires into reality because there’s always so much other ‘stuff’ to react to on a daily basis.

     With clarity …

 … people know the value of putting their own oxygen mask on first …. prioritising  investment in their own personal and professional development over anything else because they know that if they’re in a good place then everything around them just works better … they have more energy, are happier, and find it easy to motivate people around them to care as much as they do.

     Without clarity …

 … people are nervous about sharing their truth about how, sometimes, they don’t know what to do with their day or which direction to take their business and life in … so they put on a brave face to the world and ‘get their head down and roll up their sleeves’ to work harder doing the same thing over, and over, and over again (and get the same results they don’t want).

     With clarity … 

 … people are organised, ordered and have focus … they can easily choose to unplug and go into the festive season free to spend quality time with family and friends feeling relaxed and ready for the next year because they’ve already created AND shared their solid plans so they can hit the ground running come January.

     Without clarity …

 … people get stuck and reach for the latest book, webinar, or ‘hack’ to overcome perennial challenges that always seem to pop up … they lack energy and don’t know how to motivate themselves or their team … or increase sales and profit … striving in vain to create the life and business they imagined when they first started out. They think that information is the answer but it doesn’t create the inner transformation required to get to where they want to go.

     With clarity …

 … people ARE their word and hold themselves accountable to what it is they say they want to create. They take full ownership of everything in their life and full responsibility for creating a life they love leading. They know everything in life is a choice and with that knowledge comes freedom … the lead by example and people feel inspired to follow them.

     Without clarity …

 … people struggle with holding themselves and others accountable … casually breaking agreements and their word regularly because that’s what they’ve always done … it’s a habit they seem to have always had … it’s just the way they are … they also play the blame game and are always pointing the finger at others and situations when things don’t work out.

     So … if you see the benefits of wanting to ‘Get Clarity’ this event could be for you!

Is this event for you or not?

     This event is for you if you have a desire to create your best year in 2020 because that’s the game we’re playing over the course of two powerful days in the beautiful house and grounds of Hanbury Manor Golf and Country Club.

     This event is NOT for you if everything in your life is good enough for now and you don’t really have much interest in personal and professional development.

     This event is for you if you sense there is another level of growth inside of yourself that you want to unleash by unlocking your full potential.

     This event is NOT for you if you have no interest in slowing down for two days with other like-minded individuals to focus on what you really want to create for yourself throughout all areas of your life in 2020.

     This event is for you if you love the idea of exploring how you can bring out the best version of yourself to create everything you desire in 2020.

     This event is NOT for you if you have absolute clarity about what you want across all areas of your life with a solid vision, values-aligned goals, backed up with a robust plan and systems to bring your vision to life.

     This event is for you if you love the possibility of going into next year with 2020 vision and complete clarity about what you want to create for yourself personally and professionally throughout ALL areas of your life AND back it up with a proven system to provide structure and organisation for you to create it all … because that’s what this event is truly about.

What are some of the things you’ll overcome if you attend the event?

     Lacking clarity — Not knowing with certainty what you want to actually create in your life or your business.

     Lacking purpose — Yes, you’re doing well, things aren’t broken … but there’s a void … you’re still wondering who you are, what you really value in life, and what your purpose is.

     Fogginess — You kind of have a vision floating around your mind but it’s all in your head and nothing is written down in a solid system … it’s not crystal clear and keeps changing and this causes you problems along with the people around you who are looking to be lead with certainty.

     Lack of a solid plan — Not having an actionable and structured plan to bring your vision into reality is holding you and the people around you for performing at your peak and unlocking hidden potential.

     Reacting to life — You’re not sure where to start, or don’t know where to start, so you keep on working hard, moving faster, busy being busy … it always feels like you’re reacting to life rather than creating it.

     Time seems to disappear — You don’t know when you’ll be able to slow down and do your plans and goals because it seems like each day you have customers to serve, staff to manage, a family to lead. You have a constant feeling of never having enough time to ‘catch up’.

What will this event deliver for you?

     I’m going to share everything I’ve learnt with YOU from my own real-world experiences of having grown up as a son of a small business owner, having had several of my own international businesses, being an EMyth certified business coach and Presenter for many years, being a Certified Demartini Values Facilitator and Certified Demartini Method Facilitator and working with hundreds of business owners and high-level managers throughout the world create INSPIRED lives for themselves they LOVE leading.

     I’m going to share tried and tested systems I’ve created to help myself and my clients  discover what they REALLY want for themselves and CREATE a plan to get there.

     I’m going to share the lessons I’ve been fortunate enough to learn having worked with some of the world’s best coaches in the field of personal and professional development, people like: Dr. John Demartini, Steve Chandler, Rich Litvin, EMyth founder Ilene Frahm, Josef Shapiro, Dr. Kim Jobst, Michael Neill, Dr. Amy Johnson and many more wonderful mentors — I’m going to pass on everything I know from these people to help you create your best year yet in 2020.

Over two days you have the opportunity to create

  • A tried and tested repeatable system to help you get clarity about what you want in your life coupled with the tools to create it.
  • Clarity around what really drives you in life and why that is … your HIGHEST VALUES.
  • Clarity around your PURPOSE and who you want to BE in the world.
  • A set of personal and specific values-aligned GOALS for the highest priority things you want to create in 2020.
  • A personal, clear and POWERFUL 2020 VISION that excites and inspires you AND acts as your constant companion and roadmap for next year.
  • A dashboard to help you track your PROGRESS for your KEY PRIORITIES after you leave the event.
  • A weekly and monthly self-organisation system to help you improve your TIME MANAGEMENT skills.
  • A set of powerful AGREEMENTS you’ll create that will fuel your commitment to achieving your goals.
  • Plus many more personal and powerful insights that could TRANSFORM everything for you.

     In short … you’ll have focus on what you want in life and how you’re going to create it.

     You will ‘Get Clarity’ and have a more fulfilling, purposeful and energised life you love leading!

Plus the following added-value extras

  • A one-on-one pre-event coaching call with me to guide you to set a powerful and specific intention around what you want to create at the event that’s going to make a real and tangible difference to your life.
  • A one-on-one post-event coaching call with me to guide you forward with the agreements you make with yourself at the event and provide you with some healthy accountability so the value you experience from the event will maintain momentum and not just be a ‘flash in the pan’ that you quickly forget when getting back into your normal life.
  • Personal coaching from me at the event as and when required, you can ask me anything and I’ll do my best to help you solve any problems you have ‘live’.
  • Two days unplugged from your normal habits, routines and responsibilities so you can slow down and focus on yourself and your own needs for once.
  • Networking with a group of like-minded individuals who are there to guide and support you by sharing their own life experiences. You’ll learn what works for other people and be able to take it back into your own life and business.
  • You’ll learn more about how the mind works which will enable you to create a more powerful mindset for you to deliver your vision and goals in 2020.

     This event is to help you ‘Get Clarity’ about what your version of success AND fulfilment looks like PLUS you’ll have an understanding of how to create it long after the event has finished.

Two-day event schedule

     This will be a HIGHLY PRACTICAL event so come prepared to work. You’ll also be working with other members of the group to help develop communication, listening, coaching, leadership and management skills.

     The experience includes:


Coaching call with David Foster.

Day one

  • Values

  • Purpose

  • Goals covering ALL areas of your life (Spiritual, Mental, Business/Professional, Financial, Family, Social, Physical)

Day two

  • Vision

  • KPIs

  • Weekly & Monthly Review System

  • Agreements & Commitments


Coaching call with David Foster.

Here’s what previous Get Clarity attendees have said:

A taste of what you’ll experience at the event

     If you’re curious about experiencing what the event will be like then I encourage you to set aside time to invest watching the video below so you can get a feel for one of the elements I’ll be covering.

     The video is a combination of several presentations I delivered at a unique and enlightening values workshop I held for entrepreneurs and high-level managers.

This one hour video includes:

  • Where your values come from
  • How values drive all human behaviour
  • The difference between extrinsic and intrinsic values
  • How values are aligned to each person’s unique purpose in life
  • How to determine your own values
  • Practical use of values in communication, business and life

     You can watch the one hour video by clicking this link:

How to reserve your seat

     The places for this event are limited to 20 people to ensure the event is intimate enough for everyone to get what they came for.

     If the possibility of attending this event calls to you then I encourage you to book your seat RIGHT NOW because when the seats are gone they’re gone!

     If you’re ready to create your best year yet in 2020 the investment required to guarantee one of the limited spots is:

     Early bird £1,295 (when buying your ticket in September 2019)

     Normal £1,495 (when buying your ticket in October 2019)

     Late riser £1,695 (when buying your ticket in November 2019)

The prices are exclusive of UK VAT and also include

– Light breakfast pastries, coffee and tea on both mornings

– Morning tea and coffee with light bites

– Fresh tea and coffee throughout the day

– Seasonal three-course buffet lunch on both days

– Afternoon tea and coffee with light bites


Hanbury Manor Marriott Hotel & Country Club, Ware, Hertfordshire, SG12 0SD. United Kingdom.

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What others’ say about David’s coaching and events

     “After working with David my business changed because I fully understood the purpose of values and vision, and now I have the knowledge, experience, and systems to augment my people and my organisation in pursuit of the delivery of our vision — powerful stuff!”

Tim Bretman, Professional Services Director of one of the UK’s fastest growing tech firms Roc Technologies.

     “Because of my work with David my life changed because I am now much happier in my own skin, spend more time with my family and have a much clearer understanding of what makes me happy. I am also more reflective and able to make choices that reward me.” Mike Jenvey, Owner of Jenvey Dynamics and 7-time British Racing Car Champion.

     “The coaching has given me an environment to express my dreams, fears and problems and then be shown ways to deal with them. This has had a huge impact in my life. Mainly I am less stressed, more in control, a better leader and my business is stronger than ever.” Adam Goff, Owner of Capital Living and UK Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

     “Working with David has allowed me to spend more time as a father, husband and friend. I am now achieving the business goals within normal working hours and is now part of my life rather than the sole purpose of my being. I am now at home to spend time with my children and read them bedtime stories, my relationship with my wife is much better and our home is a much happier place at the same time as the business I run being successful.” Jame Harding, Commercial Director of K-C-A.

     “David gave me the clarity and most importantly the confidence to pursue that which matters most to me and create a business and life which is fulfilling to me on many levels which I had not considered previously.” Silas Lees, Author and Investor.

     You can also learn more about what working with me is like and coaching by watching some of these longer interviews with clients of mine and one of the world’s best coaches, Steve Chandler.

Click on these links to find out more:

Read what some of my clients have said about working with me:

Your guarantee

Your money-back guarantee and why I offer it.

Try this workshop with a 100% risk-free guarantee.

If you don’t LOVE this workshop, I insist that you get 100% of your money back. Let me tell you why.

I built this workshop over YEARS of studying what works for clients. Just read what people say about working with me to get an idea of the kind of impact I have made.

This workshop isn’t just about getting clarity (though you can use it to do that). It’s about truly leading your life and business. It’s about taking control of your potential and starting to live the best life you can. Part of my life’s work is helping people do this. And if I can help you head into 2020 with more clarity, focus and confidence or even get you to finally know what to say no to so you can give a bigger yes to the things that are going to 10X your life and business, I consider it a job well done!

So here’s my simple offer:

If you don’t LOVE this workshop, I insist that you get 100% of your money back. It’s simple: Join and see for yourself.

If you’re not impressed by the results you get, if you don’t radically change the way you think about your life and business, I’ll refund you 100%. No questions asked. Cancel with a 100% refund within 60 days (January 26, 2020). No strings, no fees, no penalties, no hidden surprises. And I’ll let you keep all of the material you’ve received up to then as my thank you gift for joining me on this journey.

If you’re ready to finally go into a new year with clarity, direction and focus then this workshop is for you. Rather than waking up on January 1st wondering what the coming year holds for you, you’ll have the reassurance that you know where you’re going and what you want in the coming 12 months to give you that feeling of success AND fulfillment.

If you have any questions or concerns about the workshop, email us. We’re happy to help: