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Jamie Harding  |  England

“It has allowed me to spend more time as a father, husband and friend! I am now achieving the business that I need to get done within working hours, which has meant that work has become a part of my life rather than the sole purpose of my being! I am now making it home in time to spend time with my children before reading them their bedtime stories and putting them to bed. My relationship with the kids and my wife is better than ever and our home is now a much happier place!

I am regularly seeing my friends, and it made me realise how much I had missed them and how lonely I had become before making the changes to both my habits and lifestyle. I now have the time to visit the gym and this regular exercise along with a healthy diet has made the world of difference. David has given me a greater awareness of what is really important in life and how to go and grasp it!”


Adam Goff  |  England

“The coaching has given me an environment to express my dreams, fears and problems and then be shown ways to deal with them. This has, of course, had a huge impact on my life. Mainly I am less stressed, more in control, a better leader and — importantly — my business is stronger than ever. We are now growing again for the first time in 18 months. Whereas before I was reluctant to make big strategic decisions like set up a new office or make a new hire, I now relish the chance to do so because I have seen such positive results thanks to the coaching and support I have received.”

Allen Borovich  | USA

After I met David, my life changed because I started to have way more clarity on my unconscious, everyday decisions, which allowed me to change some of my ways that were holding me back.  I also was able to slowly become more conscious of what it is I truly want, and the steps I needed to take to get there. I am more aware of my decisions, but now am able to most importantly take action on them no matter how big or small.  

Silas Lees  |   England

“The process was not at all what I expected initially.  David worked with me to identify the key reasons why I was creating the business in the first place and what I wanted to achieve from it.  What I discovered was that I was not following my passion with the businesses and instead saw it as a means to creating money so that I could then live my life at some point in the future once I had ‘made it’!  

I saw the futility of dedicating time and effort to a business which did not thrill and excite me and felt like drudgery to work on! It was literally a case of selling my soul; something that I wouldn’t wish upon anyone!  David gave me the clarity and most importantly the confidence to pursue that which matters most to me and create a business and life which is fulfilling to me on many levels which I had not considered previously.”

Carmen Adams   |  USA

“I started working with David soon after my first attempt at entrepreneurship had failed.  I had opened a cupcake bakery that closed within the first year, and I was financially and emotionally drained.  I knew I wanted to take another shot at it, but I just didn’t know where to start. With David’s guidance, I was able to develop a clear vision of what I wanted my new and improved business to look like.  

David encouraged me to dig deep inside of myself to uncover what I truly wanted for my life and my business. He helped me discover my purpose and the core values I want to see reflected in my life as well as my business.  He also helped me identify patterns and behaviors that could impair my business and personal growth and suggested things I could do to develop better ways of doing things. David has a way of guiding you to the answers you need without giving you the answer himself.  Working with David was much more rewarding than I could have ever imagined.”


Maz Gulamhusein  |   England

“An absolutely incredible workshop. When I registered for this workshop, I had lost motivation and direction. I wasn’t sure where I was headed. I had lost my mojo.

What a transformation a day can make. The realisation I had all my priorities wrong was a startling truth that hit me hard. And once my priorities in life and business became clear, it was obvious what changes I needed to make.

David has a way about how he makes you realise what needs to be done. An incredible person and I would highly recommend anyone to attend one of his events and it will better your life.”


Stuart  Brook   |  England

“I started to understand the relationship between me and how the business functioned. Fundamentally, the business was a reflection of me and if I wanted it to change, then I had to change.  I took back control and began to realise what was important to me and the business. As I slowed down, I became more and more aware of the issues that were holding us back. By pausing, taking a break and reflecting, I gained perspective on what needed to change in order to move forward. My passion and excitement for the business has returned and I look forward to each day, rather than dreading it.”

Graham Simmons  |   England

“David has the ability to ask the right questions to make you think in a different way, so that you can solve a dilemma, where previously there wouldn’t be a solution that was plausible.

I feel I have a business coach, a life coach, a mentor, a business peer and most importantly, I have someone who has my back, who is tough when he needs to be tough, supportive when needed and an honest and frank person that wants to see me succeed and be happy. There aren’t many people around that you can say that about.”

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