“I wish I had that car … then I’ll be happy.”

“Have you seen their house, must have cost a fortune? If only I could afford one like it … then I’ll be happy.”

“They’ve gone on holiday again, I wish I could go away as much as they do … then I’ll be happy.”

Most people live their lives in comparison mode.

I did for many years and it still shows up now and again. I’m getting quicker at catching it but it’s still there. It’s very normal as a human to live a compared life.

It happened to me last week when I was at an event. I was listening to Dr John Demartini talk about his life of travelling, teaching and researching and I imagined a life where I did the same.

“Ho-hum, maybe one day … then I’ll be happy.”

I caught it, slowed down, and asked myself a question:

“Hang on a second … aren’t you happy living a life congruent with your own values and purpose?”

The answer was a resounding ‘YES’ and I immediately dropped the comparison.

We are two completely different people who have two completely different sets of values. A different purpose. A different vision.

Thing is, for a moment, I was comparing the way I perceived his life to my life and seeing where I was falling short of his life and what he has achieved … even though the two of us are completely different.

By comparing myself I created a brilliant system for shame, lack of self-worth, living in some kind of fantasy that has only two results — depression and inaction.

Don’t compare yourself to others. Compare you to you. Your own values, purpose and vision and how aligned you are to them. Nothing else.

Some of my values revolve around unlocking potential in myself and others to make a difference, time with my family, writing, coaching, teaching and staying healthy.

I know this because I have invested time and energy in getting really present to the life I want to create. One that inspires me — my masterpiece. Each day I take consistent teeny, tiny steps towards it and I measure my progress against my desires. Not other people and their lives.

Guess what happens over time? My vision becomes reality!

The sad thing is that most people never realise this and spend their life comparing themselves against others. Injecting other peoples’ values and creating a fantasy revolving around, “when I get that thing they have I’ll be happy.”

And, guess what..?

… ‘getting that’ never fills the void left by lacking clarity around your values, purpose and vision.

You can never have enough of what you don’t need.

If you find yourself in comparison mode today slow down and ask yourself:

“Why am I comparing myself with that person?”

Maybe …

… You have a perception that you lack meaning and purpose in your life and ‘think’ that by having what someone else has it will miraculously make you ‘happy’.

Or …

… Underneath your desire lies a clue to what it is you actually want to create for yourself … but you’re not taking the actions to move towards it to empower yourself … so you feel disempowered.

Social media is a great one for driving comparison. It’s where most people show their ‘best’ sides, not the reality of life.

I can’t underestimate the power of slowing down and connecting with what truly drives you to create an inspired values-driven and purposeful vision for your life, backed up with a solid strategy, a plan and healthy accountability guiding you to bring it into reality.

And, remember … only compare yourself against your own values, purpose and vision … your life is between you and you … don’t waste time comparing against others. It’s a recipe for leading an unfulfilled life that will have you chasing meaningless ‘stuff’.

You are more than that. You have the potential to create a life full of meaning and really make a difference. Don’t live a compared life, live an authentic life.

Love and wellness,


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“Values are like fingerprints. Nobodies are the same but you leave them all over everything you do.”
— Elvis Presley.