Not too long ago I was asked by three people in the same week what I did for a living. “I’m a coach”, I said.

All three came back with this reply … and I had an internal reaction.

“Ah, I see, you’re one of those guys that stands up on stage and gets everyone clapping and motivated … right?”.


I have nothing against stages or clapping. I have used a stage several times and, I admit, I have clapped. They both have their uses. But for me, and the work I do, it’s a no.

Part of my mission in life is to guide as many people as possible to empower all areas of their life through coaching and ‘up-level’ the profession.

Why? Because coaching had such a HUGE impact on my life it would be remiss of me to not ‘pass the torch’ on to others who could potentially benefit. (Here’s a small video where I talk about why I became a coach)

That’s why I had a reaction to those three people.

My mind started chattering away saying, “why don’t people understand?”, and, “seriously … you think that’s what coaching is?”.

I don’t believe in ‘accidents’. In other words, everything happens for a reason to give us an opportunity to learn and grow ‘if’ we slow down enough to get really present and look at all sides of an event or situation.

So, when these three people came back with the same response, after my initial reaction, I calmed the judging part of my brain down (the amygdala which is responsible for emotions, survival instincts, and memory — sometimes called the ‘Lizard Brain’ or ‘Inner Chimp’) and got curious. I help clients to do this and now it was time to walk my talk … to take my own medicine.

I asked myself, “what’s the opportunity here?”.

The answer that came back was to create, not react. I chose to create a project that would help more people understand what ‘coaching’ is vs. let myself stay in a reactive judgement mode (which doesn’t serve anyone).

I called the project ‘Demystifying Coaching’ and asked a few clients if they would be open to having a conversation with me about coaching to support my mission.

Fortunately, the people I asked said ‘yes’ and I had several rich and interesting conversations.

They include entrepreneurs from a range of different industries like property development, IT infrastructure consultancy, inventing, property maintenance, and a fellow coach who also has an education business. (Thank you, guys, I am forever grateful to you for investing your time and energy into this project).

That’s what I’m sharing with you, four videos from four different people talking about their experience of coaching.

And, this is not some marketing ‘tactic’ to get you to take any action, these are authentic videos I feel will serve and educate. They’re around 30-40 minutes long each so be prepared as they will take a little time to watch but (I think) are worth doing so.

I hope you find them useful. If you do, feel free to share them with other people who you think may benefit.

I truly believe if more people opened their hearts and minds to the possibility of coaching it would make a massive positive impact in the world.

Especially entrepreneurs, because us entrepreneurs (yes, I am one, too) have a lot of responsibility if you add up all the people who are dependant on our businesses thriving (ourselves, our families, our staff and their families, our customers, our suppliers … the ‘family tree’ of entrepreneurship is HUGE!).

If you’ve had coaching I’d love to about your experience.

What was it like for you?

What were the most valuable elements?

What worked?

What didn’t work?

This subject really interests me and if you found these videos valuable let me know as I have more in the pipeline — I’d welcome any suggestions on how to improve them.

Love and wellness,


Here are the videos:

Lucian Ivan —

Allen Borovich —

Tim Bretman —

Brian Ellwood —

Ps. Thanks again to Lucian, Tim, Brian, and Allen for being open to sharing their stories with the world. It took courage, and your willingness to talk could have a direct impact on inspiring someone out there to find a coach to help them create a life they love leading.

“I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their full potential.”
Bob Nardelli.