Would you like to create your best year yet in 2020?

If so … This post is a personal invitation to you to come along to an event I’ve created on 25/26 November 2019 called, ‘Get Clarity’ where the number one focus we’re going to work together on is:

Helping you create your best year yet in 2020.

And, have you really grasp how and why the understanding and systematic application of CLARITY is the fastest and most effective way to make that happen.

My experience working with high-performing individuals and organisations has demonstrated to me time and time again that clarity is the hidden factor … always dismissed and underrated until the consequences of that dismissal show up in year-end disappointment and confusion about the true source of under-performance.

Waking up to this hidden power can be life-changing … As you can experience for yourself if you’re open to attending the event.

I use the word ‘Clarity’ frequently with people I work with, but what does it really mean … And why should you care enough to even bother to read this?

Because, clarity for you, like everyone else is EVERYTHING.

That’s a bold statement so let me try and make even more sense of it by giving you an example of what life looks like with clarity vs. without clarity.

With clarity …

… Looks like starting each day opening an organised calendar with high priority items scheduled AND still having plenty of available space … Knowing exactly what vision-aligned projects are the priority items to be worked on … Choosing to check emails after lunch because you control your inbox rather having it control you.

Without clarity …

… People behave like moths fluttering around the latest light bulb … Or magpies chasing the newest shiny object they’ve just spotted with an expectation that when they get it, whatever it is, everything will change (it never does).

    With clarity …

… Looks like having a solid set of meaningful goals set inside an inspiring vision … Backed up by a realistic plan … With simple step-by-step actions and clear metrics to measure your progress on your way to creating your best year yet.

  Without clarity …

… People have vague hopes and dreams that have been drifting around their mind for years but have somehow been blurred out by the busy’ness of day-to-day life … They just don’t know how to bring their desires into reality because there’s always so much other ‘stuff’ to react to on a daily basis.

With clarity …

… People know the value of putting their own oxygen mask on first …. Prioritising investment in their own personal and professional development over anything else because they know that if they’re in a good place then everything around them just works better … They have more energy, are happier, and find it easy to motivate people around them to care as much as they do.

Without clarity …

… People are nervous about sharing their truth about how, sometimes, they don’t know what to do with their day or which direction to take their business and life in … So they put on a brave face to the world and ‘get their head down and roll up their sleeves’ to work harder doing the same thing over, and over, and over again (and get the same results they don’t want).

With clarity … 

… People are organised, ordered and have focus … They can easily choose to unplug and go into the festive season free to spend quality time with family and friends feeling relaxed and ready for the next year because they’ve already created AND shared their solid plans so they can hit the ground running come January.

 Without clarity …

… People get stuck and reach for the latest book, webinar, or ‘hack’ to overcome perennial challenges that always seem to pop up … They lack energy and don’t know how to motivate themselves or their team … Or increase sales and profit … Striving in vain to create the life and business they imagined when they first started out. They think that information is the answer but it doesn’t create the inner transformation required to get to where they want to go.

With clarity …

… People ARE their word and hold themselves accountable to what it is they say they want to create. They take full ownership of everything in their life and full responsibility for creating a life they love leading. They know everything in life is a choice and with that knowledge comes freedom … They lead by example and people feel inspired to follow them.

Without clarity …

… People struggle with holding themselves and others accountable … casually breaking agreements and their word regularly because that’s what they’ve always done … It’s a habit they seem to have always had … It’s just the way they are … They also play the blame game and are always pointing the finger at others and situations when things don’t work out.

This isn’t just theory …

I used to be lost, lonely, and didn’t know who I was or what I wanted

It was only through working with coaches after my son was born did I finally get clear about who I wanted to be and what I wanted to create in the world.

That’s not to say I had no idea at all, that’s just not true. I’d read countless personal and business development books to help me grow, along with blogs, ebooks, watching webinars, attending seminars, you name it I gorged on it looking for the Holy Grail! Although … I never actually did the work I needed to do until I discovered coaching.

I didn’t know where to start and there always seemed to be other priorities that would appear out of nowhere.

My ‘to do’ list was both endless and disorganised.

When I did slow down, I got clarity around a few key elements. Things I now see as fundamentals. Things like my highest values, purpose, vision, plan, personal agreements, commitments and healthy habits and routines I needed to create to progress — all the things I’d read about some time or another but never actually did anything about! (Read this to gain more information about a process I use to help my clients).

I used to think that, if I read a book, things would change. Wrong!

Things only transform if you change. Your mindset, perceptions, attitudes, beliefs, and use those shifts to take different actions and behaviours. That’s what transformation is — choosing to take ownership of your life by realising everything on your outside is a reflection of what’s going on in your inside (your thoughts and feelings) … And then being willing to work on yourself to create a different way of ‘being’ and therefore future.

In simple terms … Your life and your business are a reflection of what’s going on behind the scenes in your heart and head (the stuff you never share with anyone).

If you ‘Get Clarity’ about what you want to create from the inside-out that’s when life becomes prosperous, joyful and fun. It’s not without challenge or support … But you’re okay with both when you’ve got clarity.

So … If you see the benefits of wanting to ‘Get Clarity’ this event could be for you!

The information page about the event is below. It also includes a BONUS one-hour compilation of a workshop I presented in April 2019 based all around VALUES and human behaviour which you can also see if you click here … If you’re interested in what makes us ‘tick’ and want to learn how understanding more about values is one of the keys to increasing engagement, productivity, performance, management, sales … Everything … Then you’ll enjoy it! It will also give you a feel for some of the content I’ll be sharing at ‘Get Clarity’.

If it calls to you please take time to read it (it won’t take long) and let me know if you’d like to come along for two transformational days designed to help guide you in creating your best year yet in 2020.


Here’s to you creating your best year yet in 2020.

Love and wellness,


Ps. If the video and information page leaves you with more questions rather than a feeling of ‘I’m in!’ I’m happy to answer any questions you may have. Email me and we can get some time scheduled for a call.

Pps. Here’s a video from one of the previous attendees of ‘Get Clarity’ talking about the benefits he experienced after coming to the event: https://youtu.be/x2aU3013AV0

“In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.”
― Dwight D. Eisenhower