Have you ever considered why you have so many people problems with your staff?

Why don’t they work the way you do?

And the constant questions day in, day out, you’re paying them a salary so surely they’d be able to work our solutions to problems on their own?

Whenever you’re not there, or attempt to take a holiday, you can’t relax because you know deep down that when you’re not there things just don’t happen the way you want them to.

You can’t remember when you actually switched off completely, unplugged the phone and spent quality and present time with your partner and children.

It’s exhausting. All consuming.

You’re worried that if you let your foot off the gas all the hard work you’ve put in over the years will be lost, which scares you, because you have responsibilities.

Worst thing is that nobody really knows this is going on inside your head, and heart, you have no one who you can talk to who will understand and, more importantly, be able to help you become free of the business so you can finally live life on your terms.

You’re lonely. Lost. You know there must be a better way.


If you own your own business chances are you started it because you were really good at some kind of technical work and thought it would be easy to make money out of your skill.

Maybe you were a brilliant book-keeper and started an accountancy practice.

Maybe you were great at advertising sales so decided to start your own media agency.

Maybe you were a talented graphic designer who could write a bit so started a creative agency.

From the minute you started you had to hustle.

You did everything, wore all the hats.

Worked all the hours you could to provide for you and your family (they don’t want your money, they want your time).

Then your business grew, but you didn’t take the hats off.



Your fingerprints have always been on everything that happens, and they will always be, unless you change.
The sad thing is you don’t know what to do.

You’ve tried managing your team, writing job descriptions, giving them appraisals, delegating – everything you know (or kinda’ know, and have learnt on the way from all those business books, webinars, and blogs).

When it comes to managing people you’re out of your depth and have no idea how to build a team of like-minded people that can help you grow your business beyond your limits.

Because you’ve always had, and continue to have, fingers in all the piece that span across your business everybody wants a piece of you.

Customers want to only work with you, suppliers are the same, all the staff (even though they have managers) want to talk to you ALL the time.

You still get asked questions, and you answer them, and yet … they come back again and again and again asking the same old questions.

It’s enough to drive you insane, they never learn, they’re supposed to be adults.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

If only you could find good people that you trust.


Imagine a profitable business that can run independently without you.

One where you could be at choice as to whether you work every day, or one day per week – whatever you want.

You could finally start pursuing other things in your life.

The things that have been drowned out by the constant white noise and overwhelm your business has created.

Things like:

– More quality time with your kids having fun and adventures
– More time with your partner to rekindle your relationship
– More time looking after your health so you feel better
– More time building friendships that you’ve let slip because you’re always busy
– More time on your sports and hobbies so you have something that nourishes you
– More time having fun
– More energy
– More time to pursue other passions and ideas you’ve had for years that have been shelved
– MORE LIFE – whatever your version looks like

It is possible. If you know how.

If you’re prepared to change the way you operate and get the help you need.


Why take time to read this and trust what I say?

Because I’ve been where you are.

The scars of my real-world experience run deep.

They also gave me the gift of being able to overcome everything you’re experiencing now, so I can help people like you not make the same mistakes I did.

This is what drives me.

This is why I write.

This is why I’ve spent years working with hundreds of business owners all over the world to help wake them up from their sleep-walking lives.

Helping them discover my system to re-design their businesses so they can finally live life on their terms.

So they can get back on track and have a happy marriage.

So they reconnect with their children and give them the gift of their time.

So they can start having fun at work and creating a culture that is a reflection of what matters most to them.

So they can start living LIFE, and work to live, not live to work.

I’ve felt the pain you’re in.

I had nobody to talk to.

I had a team of people that I couldn’t get the best out of.

It impacted all areas of my life. Health, relationships, finances, inner-game, friendships – EVERYTHING.

I blamed everything, and everyone, for the problems in my business.

The market, the recession, the people, the product, my business partner, blah, blah, blah, blah – everyone and everything.

Reality is, it was only when I looked inside myself I realised where the problems were. I knew I had to change, just like you do now.


I found several great mentors and coaches who helped me get out of my own way.

Much more than the myriad of books, blogs, and webinars I’d consumed ever did. Sure, they helped medicate me a little, to avoid the pain and give me the next shiny-object to work on that was going to be my cure … but, they don’t shine a light on the critical elements inside me that needed to be worked on first before anything changed.

Because change happens from the inside out.

I combine real-world experience of being born into an entrepreneurial family and feeling first-hand what it’s like to be brought up in an environment that was focused around work, work, work.

I’ve owned several businesses that taught me what works and what doesn’t (that succeeded and failed).

I’ve crafted a tried and tested system to help solve any business frustration, so my clients can be happier, more fulfilled and make the most of their life.

I’ve worked with business owners from all different walks of life and use this experience to help people grow day-in, day-out.

And I give a shit.

I care.

Because I know first-hand the impact of being where you are now.

If you want to change the way things are, I can help.


My gift to you is that I’m opening up a handful of strategy sessions for entrepreneurs who are a part of my facebook group called meta. entrepreneurs (you can ask to join by clicking here).

I’m giving away a select few advice on how you can get out of your own way and sort the problems out in your business and life once and for all.

If you own a business that feels bigger than your life and you have staff that don’t live up to your expectations, let’s talk.

If you want to discover my system to help you create the business of your dreams, so you can finally live life on your terms, message me and tell me why you feel you need my help, AND what you feel your biggest challenge is.

I’m happy to give you my time – if you’re happy to be vulnerable and authentic with me.

First-come, first-served.

Thank you for taking time to read this.

Be authentic. You always have a choice. Lead.

David Foster

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