I meditate every morning. It’s a calm, quiet time before the day starts where I can center myself before I wake my two young sons up. I find it an immensely inspirational way to create headspace.

I’ve found it hard to get into this habit. Especially with a family and growing business. And, years before, I used to mock people who were into this kind of stuff. But, over time, with small steps, I have learnt my own way of doing it and have seen massive benefits: being more present, patient, kind and mindful to name a few.

I live in the country, and my companions during my meditation time are the birds. I open a set of doors in my office and immediately hear swifts, wood pigeons, crows, ravens, sparrows. On any given morning, they provide a gentle cacophony that almost acts like an aviary “white noise.”

Except the other day. When one particular bird seemed intent on saying something.

Usually, after a few minutes, I can block out everything external out when I’m meditating. But somehow this bird brought me out of my quiet space. His voice was so big and so … insistent that I had to open my eyes and find him.

Perched on the roof above me, no bigger than a clementine, he was singing his heart out. I don’t know what he was saying, but it obviously had a lot of meaning for him. And he was so authentic with his voice that it rose above everything else around me.

That little bird really made me stop and think.

We tend to believe that we need to do massive things to make an impact, that our actions need to be filled with gravitas and depth to make the change we want to see.

And, I can see why. Most of us are bombarded with thousands of stimuli each day through television, advertising, social media, texts, family, friends, customers, staff — modern life.

We feel we have to make a loud noise just to run with the crowd.

But this bird reminded me that often it’s the targeted approach that makes the biggest difference. His song was so distinct, so unique, it stood out from the white noise of the other birds.

What small thing can you do today to make a difference for someone?

Maybe it’s having a conversation with someone on your team, helping them work through a problem.

Maybe it’s being present and available for your child, spending time with them with no agenda and no expectations other than fun.

Maybe it’s checking in with a customer to see how they are doing and if there is anything you can do for them.

Maybe it’s talking with your partner, letting them know you support them and love them. Being courageous enough to lead a deeply vulnerable conversation.

Imagine how any one of those things — which are all really quite small — could have a huge impact on someone?

And the beautiful thing is you’ll grow through leading if you choose to make a difference. That’s how it works. If you push your edges.

As you focus on creating a life you love to lead, it’s tempting to take short cuts. To make massive shifts so that the future you envision can come into being that much sooner. But don’t forget that it’s small, consistent action that leads to the biggest change.

For as much as you are working toward a larger goal, you’re also creating healthy habits. Take tiny steps forward on a regular basis and the change you wish to see will come.

That small bird broke through everything else that was going around me that morning. How can you be the small bird in someone else’s life? To slow things down and wake things up? By doing so, wake yourself up to the beauty of taking incremental steps towards making an impact in the world, one song at a time.

Wishing you love, health, and happiness.