When I first started exploring my own values and purpose I read numerous self-help books, watched webinars, went through processes and was on a search for my ‘Holy Grail’.

I swear I almost came across the Knights who say ‘Ni!’ (for all those readers younger than 40, Google it).

One day, I nailed it when I came up with a set of three that felt like the ones I wanted to live my life by. It was as if I’d discovered a secret that had been hidden in the depths of my soul for as long as I could remember. I felt they were me and convinced myself that I was going to live my life by them ALL the time.

They were: Authenticity, Betterment and Connection.

Back then, I didn’t know that each and every human has over 5,000 traits that we ALL share. I was in denial. Living in a fantasy that I would always be authentic (I wasn’t), always be bettering myself (I didn’t) and always be connecting (nope).

I’m not making myself, or anyone else who has been curious enough about life to start excavating their own values, wrong. Without me starting at this place I wouldn’t have been able to discover the truth about what drives us as humans.

Here’s a clue … we’re all different and have a unique set of values that’s as original as our own fingerprint or retinal scan. Isn’t that wonderful!

Many years ago, as part of my search for truth, I became certified as an EMyth business coach and started coaching clients in the same process. It was great because they felt like they had clarity and could move forward with their lives and businesses in a more intentional manner.

It was progress … but it was also only the beginning.

I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but felt there was something intuitively out of line with the work I’d done on myself and with others.

I now know what that was and want to share it with you.

This spurred me on to do more work on discovering the truth about values and it led me to Dr John Demartini, a world-renowned specialist in human behaviour, researcher, author and global educator.

What I discovered, working with John, changed my life and made a massive impact on the lives’ of my clients and my close family.

I was so inspired, I chose to invest to become a Certified Dermatini Values Facilitator and use my knowledge to work closely with people to help them get crystal clear on their own values so they can create an inspired life they love leading personally and professionally.

For example, I discovered how values have endless critical applications in business such as:

– Growing sales
– Hiring the ‘right’ people
– Increasing engagement and productivity of staff
– Achieving goals
– Effective communication
– Prioritising and being organised each and every day
– Clarity around your future plans and how to execute them
– Self-empowerment throughout the seven domains of life

This is by no means a definitive list, merely a taster!

I’m committed to sharing what I know with people who want to empower themselves and create a life they love leading.

That said, the video below has only been seen by my clients and people who have attended my private programs and events. It’s an amalgamation of a values workshop I created for a select group of entrepreneurs earlier this year and explains where values come from and how they run our entire lives.

If you have an interest in personal development, growth, transformation and want to understand how to get the best out of yourself and the people around you then watch this video because it has the potential to open your heart and mind and add a lot of value to your life (no crap pun intended).


Values are the fundamental element that set people up for success … when you get them defined and accurate. That level of clarity makes such a difference.

When you do this kind of work something ‘pops’ and everything starts to make sense.

At my next event, ‘Get Clarity’, I’m going to share my knowledge in this area along with other things that have inspired me and made a huge difference to my life and the lives’ of my clients.

Things like discovering your authentic purpose, vision, how to set values-aligned goals, designing a plan to create your best year yet, agreements, commitments and time management to help you create what it is you desire.

The sole purpose of the event is to guide people to build solid foundations combined with a realistic values-aligned plan to create their best year yet in 2020.

It’s a highly practical and involved two-days where you get to sink in and work ‘on’ yourself and your business.

So, if you’re ready to up-level your whole life then consider attending this event as it has the potential to transform your life in all areas.

As part of the event you also each get two professional coaching calls with me to help you in any way that would be in service of you right now in any part of your life.

There are a limited number of seats left and if you want to discuss how this event could represent a turning point in your life then I’d love to arrange a call.

Here’s the link to the event page:


If you’re curious email me and we can talk.

Love and wellness,


“Values are like fingerprints. Nobodies are the same but you leave them all over everything you do.” Elvis Presley