I like to grow my own fruits and vegetables. I much prefer that to buying them. In addition to the satisfaction of providing for my family, it’s been a great lesson for my sons. I’m teaching them not only where food comes from; they are also learning about the care and patience required to grow something. It also gives us time to bond doing ‘normal stuff’.

As I begin reap the harvest from what I planted last autumn, I think about transformation. How those little plants and bulbs took 8, 9, 10 months to grow to full maturity. What might have just been a speck in my hand has now grown into food that will feed and nourish my family.

There was a lot of work that went into ensuring the transformation was successful. I watered and fed them. I removed weeds. I made sure there was nothing in the environment that would hold them back. I was patient.

Through the long winter months, the early buds of spring and the warmth of summer, I’ve paid a lot of attention, care and support to ensure that the transformation I wanted – fully ripe fruits and vegetables — occurred.

When was the last time you waited 8 months for anything?

We live in a world of constant and immediate satisfaction. We expect instant results from nearly all of our actions. Post a Tweet, get a comment. Complain on Amazon, get a response. Where can I get my quick fix?

But some things should take a long time. Growing your fruits and vegetables. Growing your business. Changing your life. Raising your children.

When you’re doing something so meaningful, the key is to slow down in order to speed up.
We need to reframe the amount of time we think something should take to develop. We need to pay attention to the small steps. Take the long view and be patient. Those small steps will eventually lead to great transformation.

Think about this in terms of growing your business, serving people powerfully, having a great relationship with your partner, managing your health and fitness — one moment, or conversation, at a time.

Business, life, relationships, children.

All can benefit from patience, care and nurturing – small steps that lead to huge transformations.

Wishing you love, health, and happiness,