One of the downsides to keeping myself really hydrated during the day is I often wake up needing the loo.

Last night I was up at midnight and, as I stumbled towards the toilet, I heard music playing clear as day. It was the Calvin Harris tune called Outside, the one with Ellie Goulding singing.

I felt myself getting into the beat and mouthing the words wondering where the music was coming from. Who would be so inconsiderate as to play that music this late on a school night?

Then I realised the music was playing in my mind.

Ever had that experience when you get a song in your head and you can’t get it out?

No matter what you do, you find yourself singing along, whistling, mouthing the words and it’s with you for ages. Even if you only heard a few notes from a ringtone, advert, or radio in your car.

In between the lyrics, I had a moment of being present and it occurred to me to create this blog.

When Calvin and Ellie were accompanying me to the toilet, I had an insight how I could illustrate how absorbent the mind is, how very few people realise this and go about their day believing the music playing in their mind is actually real.

They’re not. They’re thoughts. Or music on repeat.

Your inner DJ doesn’t want to change the tracks because he likes them, they’re his favourites. They’ve kept him in work for decades so he’s not about to stop now.

He keeps the same old broken records spinning round and round … like one of those crap wedding DJs with an old playlist … over and over and over again.

Unless someone has the courage to ask him to change his tune.

This is similar to how our mind works.

We play old thought patterns over and over and over again until they become crystallised like huge stalagmites hanging down from the roof of an ancient underground cave. Unmoving, unwavering — there for eternity — unless disturbed by an intrepid explorer.

These stalagmites are otherwise known as beliefs that run the show … driving our actions and creating our external world.

Your external world is a pure reflection of your internal world, as you perceive it.

The way you believe the world to ‘be’ creates your own unique personal reality.

As I understand it, between the ages of 0-7 years old the majority of the way in which we believe the world is (our reality) is set. And, that structure, or our personality, will run the show forever in a day unless we challenge it.

Often, if things aren’t working out as you hoped they would, it’s due to your inner DJ not being willing to accept a different playlist.

He’s happy in his comfort zone spinning the same old dance floor fillers that were popular all those years ago (when you were three years old).

Some of his personal favourites are:

  1. ‘All I want is approval’ by the People Pleasers.
  2. ‘I’ll do anything for love’ by Slimy Steve.
  3. ‘Give me some attention’ by the Deficit Disorders.
  4. ‘Money don’t matter to me’ by the Pawn Brokers.
  5. ‘More, more, more’ by Greed and The Gang.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can choose to retrain your mind to behave differently if you become curious about the thoughts you’re having ALL THE TIME.

Because thoughts are an endless current, energy, flowing through us 24/7 — you can’t stop them.

You can’t fight them. Well, you can try, but it’s a bit like shadow boxing and wondering why your opponent just won’t go down.

Accepting that the mind is constantly running thoughts is a start.

Then, being willing to look and review those thoughts with loving self-care would be wise.

The ones you have when you start to feel anxious, tense, stressed, or want to avoid things, or people, or places. Getting curious and wondering where they come from? And, if they are actually true?

Were you born with those thoughts? Or, did you learn them?

Were there certain records your parents used to play at home that caused certain music to never leave your mind, old favourites like:

  1. ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees you know’ by the Green Gardeners.
  2. ‘Life is hard’ by the Dark Clouds.
  3. ‘Look at what you’ve done’ by The Shamers.
  4. ‘Just play on your computer’ by Digital Babysitters.
  5. ‘Do as I say not as I do’ by the Hypocrites.

Slow down and take a look at the music running your life and see what comes up for you.

Be kind with what you find because it could be the key to open the DJs booth and change the records, the broken ones, for new ones that really illustrate who you want to ‘be’ in the world.

You are not your thoughts, you are much more than that.

You are not what you believe, you are much more than that.

You are the master of your own destiny (I realise how cheesy that reads but I’m ok with throwing some ‘fromage’ into my writing now and again).

You can choose to transcend your inner DJ and change the tunes that are running your life, and have run your life, since you were a little being.

You can choose who you want to ‘be’ in the world and go ‘all in’.

You can choose a new set to tracks to do your daily dance to, such as:

  1. ‘Being present’ by Moment by Moment.
  2. ‘Love and be patient’ by Practising Parent.
  3. ‘I create my world’ by Leader.
  4. ‘Lead by example’ by Baby Steps.
  5. ‘Be the change’ by Transformation.

Anything is possible if you’re willing to slow down and take a look at who you are, why you do what you do, and what you want to create that’s different to the way things are for you now — inside and outside.

Anyway, that’s what came to me as I was listening to Ellie Goulding mid-wee this morning. Thanks, Calvin!

Love and wellness,


Ps. If you have children, manage a team of people, or are in any kind of relationship, consider what you want to exemplify to them through your language, actions, behaviours and love … it could make all the difference. What kind of DJ do you want to ‘be’?

“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.”