My team never do as good a job as I’d like them to.

I can’t find good people.

I don’t have enough time.

I need more sales.

My accountant is rubbish.

These are things I hear frequently from entrepreneurs.

Truth is when people say these things they actually believe themselves – which is part of the root cause.

Here are the same phrases again with my translation in brackets:

My team never do as good a job as I’d like them to (I don’t know how to manage people and find it hard to manage myself).

I can’t find good people (I don’t know how to recruit the right people and am scared to admit it).

I don’t have enough time (I’ve never learnt the basics of time management and need help to get out of overwhelm, I’m knackered).

I need more sales (I have very little knowledge about my finances, and, to be honest, ignore doing my numbers because it all seems foreign to me).

My accountant is rubbish (I find finances boring and would rather do something fun that excites me, I’m no bean counter).

ALL of these frustrations can be solved from the root cause if you commit to mastering yourself by learning how to become a better self-manager.

The sad thing is that a lot of commitment and work is required to learn healthier habits when it comes to self-management, and a lot of entrepreneurs don’t want to do the work as they feel it would take away their freedom. When, in reality, the opposite is true.

If you work your inner manager muscle to the gym you’ll eventually have more freedom because the very frustrations mentioned earlier will transform into something like:

My team never do as good a job as I’d like them to (It wasn’t easy but I learnt to become a brilliant manager of myself first, and then others. My team can all see how their role directly impacts the success of the business and we’re all motivated to achieve our shared vision – I now have more time and freedom to develop my business and follow my passions as I’ve delegated 99% of my technical work).

I can’t find good people (Since crafting a values-led recruiting and hiring process I now have a team of people who I can count on because they care deeply about our vision and can see how being part of this company helps them grow).

I don’t have enough time (Learning to schedule my time properly and manage my emails to inbox zero every day has transformed my life. I’m now more present than ever and have more time to spend with my family).

I need more sales (I LOVE numbers! I’ve learnt that my fear of finances was a distorted belief and now take time each and every month to assess my key financial indicators and know whether or not we’re on target to hit our numbers. I have less stress, better cash flow and am taking home better profits).

My accountant is rubbish (I realised that it’s ok to ask questions and say “I don’t know what you mean, could you explain what you mean”, to my accountant. We have a better relationship than ever since I took the lead and arranged monthly management accounts meetings with him).

To get the results you desire you have to be committed to do the work, follow through and take yourself beyond your current limits.

It’s much easier to point the finger of blame at external forces and factors, however, master your inner manager (the one that chooses fruit instead of profiteroles for dessert on a Tuesday evening) and you’re halfway to creating the business, and life, you’ve always dreamt of.
Be authentic. You always have a choice. Lead.

David Foster

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