Money. Love it or hate it the reality is it dominates a huge amount of thinking space for the majority of entrepreneurs.

You either haven’t got enough and worry about making the salary run each month (including your own), and this thought pattern of coming from a place of scarcity dominates your each and every move – ‘can’t afford that’, ‘not spending that’, ‘no way I can afford to invest in myself yet’.

Or, you built your business with the intention of making loads of money and, now that you’re swimming in cash, you’re still not happy – even though you have the fancy car, nice watch, and go on flash holidays – you still feel empty, and chase more money to fill the whole … and are scared to admit to the outside world that this is the case, because, from the outside looking in everything is rosy because you look ‘successful’.

Have you ever considered that money doesn’t make you happy?

Can money make you feel fulfilled?

Sure, it can make you feel successful (depending on your definition of success) but can it make you feel happy.

Some of the happiest people I know have a tiny net worth.

Some of the richest people I know are the unhappiest.

What I offer you is that you actually have no idea what success or fulfilment means to you, and that you’re chasing both without even know the definition of what they mean to you.

And, sometime in the future, there’ll be a time when you look back and wish you’d got clearer about why it is you’re doing what you’re doing, and what the higher purpose is – your ‘why?’

One of the things you can do, no matter what your situation, is get much clearer on four things:

1 – Write down what your definition of success looks like
2 – Write down what your definition of failure looks like
3 – Write down what your definition of fulfilment looks like
4 – Write down what your definition of emptiness looks like

Why do this?

Because if you’re not clear on each of these four categories how are you going to know how you’re doing in the realms of success and fulfilment?

So, getting clearer on what they mean to you is like having an internal scorecard for you to check in with yourself – to see how you’re doing. Otherwise, you’ll be living inside your head and listening to that little inner-critic that loves to be hard on you and keep you small, and keep beating yourself up.

Get out of your head, and get square with your reality.

Every single person will have a different version of the four steps above so you have to do the work for yourself, and see what comes up.

Success might mean being a billionaire … or creating a company that lasts long after you’re retired.

Failure might look like losing your business … or losing your temper.

Fulfilment might be something as simple as that morning cuddle with your youngest child … or doing something with your work to help people and make a positive dent in the universe.

Emptiness might be the loneliness you feel by not having a soul mate or any deep relationships with close friends … or it could be the pain of having material wealth and nothing else.

It’s your choice how you define it.

What I offer you is that once you do this exercise you’ll feel a lot clearer on what both success and fulfilment look like to you, and, if you know where to head … it’ll halfway to getting there.

This is what I do every day with clients, it works … if you do the work. It’s never too late to change.

How do you define success and fulfilment? I’d love to know, post in the comments box.

Be authentic. You always have a choice. Lead.

David Foster

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