How did you all do with the no complaining challenge from Wed – Fri I posted last week?

Anyone stick with it for a full three days?

If you did WELL DONE – no small effort.

If you didn’t … why do you feel that is?

Could it be that you’re habitually complaining?

Does that help you move closer to the life you want?

Or does it feel comfortable, and much easier, to point the finger outwards at things that are not going your way … than take responsibility for the choices you keep making that are causing you to feel ‘stuck’?

Like most things related to personal development not complaining for three days sounds simple … in reality doing it is MUCH harder.

This is why the majority of people never change, even though they say they want to. Because it requires effort and the breaking of old habits.

Because to change is to challenge yourself. To go beyond your limits.

NOTHING will change in your outer world unless you do the work on yourself INSIDE first.

Whatever it is you want:

– More time
– Less stress
– Better relationships with your partner and children
– Better health
– More fun
– Better performance from your staff
– Feel better and happier

YOU have to do the work first, inside yourself, before you get the results you say you want.

Change happens from the inside out – this is why people need help with accountability to change – because it’s hard on your own, and who in your life holds you accountable for the results you want?

So … this week I have another simple challenge to help you feel happier every day.

Every morning when you first wake up take a clean sheet of paper in your notepad, journal, diary, whatever you use to write in and do the following:

– Write down three things that you are grateful for in your life
Start each sentence with ‘I am grateful for … ‘.

Make sure one of these three things is something really small such as:

‘I am grateful for hearing the bird sing in the morning’


‘I am grateful for having running water’.

Aim to write something different each day this week from Mon – Fri.

By the end of the week, you’ll end up with 15 things you’re grateful for in your life being that you’ve recognised first thing each day (vs. starting the day feeling a little stressed, or like things aren’t going your way).

To help with accountability post in the comments box, here are my three for today to get you started:

– I am grateful for being there for both my sons in the morning

– I am grateful for having a hot shower this morning

– I am grateful for being able to workout in the morning

This works – but only if YOU do the WORK.

You’ll feel happier and realise that things aren’t as ‘bad’ as you feel they are in your head.

Be authentic. You always have a choice. Lead.

David Foster

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