Have you ever thought you couldn’t do something? Making whatever it was feel bigger than you?

Maybe it was lifting a heavier weight in the gym, or running further than you ever thought possible? Maybe you finally had that difficult conversation with someone that’s been bugging you for years?

Then - somehow, someway - you surprised yourself by doing it the very thing you thought you couldn’t do? Becoming bigger than it in the process. You know, going beyond your limits.

That’s what we help you do for your business, and your life. We help you learn how to take control of your business so you lead it, rather than it leading you.

The word ‘meta’ is Greek, and means ‘after’ or ‘beyond’.

We are meta. We help people grow beyond their limits.

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The holistic approach to business development.

Do you have any of these business problems?


  1. I’m working too hard and the rewards are too few.
  2. My business doesn’t have a way of doing business, leaving it in chaos.
  3. My business doesn’t serve my life; it consumes it.
  4. I don’t have a personal life plan that purposefully guides my daily actions.
  5. I’ve never considered that I could and should build my business so that it could work without me.
  6. I perform too many functions (wear too many hats) with no plan for freeing myself from the technical work of my business.
  7. I don’t have a system for recruiting, hiring, and training dedicated and effective people.
  8. My business is organised around my existing people rather than my business processes so there’s inconsistent performance and havoc when someone leaves.
  9. I feel trapped in my business because I can’t depend on my employees.
  10. Accountabilities in my business overlap and are unclear creating confusion about who reports to whom.
  11. My business doesn’t produce consistent, predictable results.
  12. I don’t know who my most probable customer is.
  13. I don’t know how to identify and appeal to the emotional needs of my customers and prospective customers.
  14. I’ve never examined the impact my whole business process has on my customers’ experience.
  15. I market and sell “by the seat of my pants”; I’ve never used proven marketing and selling strategies.
  16. I’ve never realised that, in the best businesses, systems run the business and people run the systems.
  17. I don’t really know what it means to take self-responsibility for my choices.

Do a quick tally from the list. How many have you experienced, or are experiencing at present?

Be honest.

7 Dynamics_1.0EMyth’s approach to business leadership and management is grounded in self-honesty, the willingness and courage to change your relationship to yourself and to your business. It’s a comprehensive process for transforming your business into a more profitable and scalable enterprise, one that serves your life in ways that are most meaningful to you. It’s a way of thinking about your business and your life, and the relationship between the two. It’s a model for how to productively relate to the development of your business, your own growth as a leader and the results that you want your company to produce.

Successfully building a business requires an owner to take a high-level, strategic view, and see the business from an integrated, holistic perspective. You can always create band-aid or one-off  solutions to your business problems. Most business owners do. If they don’t have enough sales, maybe they build a website to drive more business to their store. If their cash flow isn’t adequate, maybe they put off  buying a piece of equipment they need. If their employee turnover is too high, maybe they create a bonus system to incentivize employees and encourage retention. All of these may be effective solutions, but only in the short term.

What creates real, long-term change is a different way of seeing your business and yourself in relationship to it. The EMyth Perspective is transformative because it operates at a level upstream of, or prior to, your behaviour or your actions.

How you relate to your business is the basis for all of your choices, actions, and then results. The longest lever for change, then, begins with you and how you relate to your business. Most business problems begin here and are solved here.
Embodying The EMyth Perspective is a process that happens over time and involves looking at where you hold ideas and values that are not serving your highest priorities, and choosing new perspectives instead.

Want to know how we do it?



Lead your company


Learn to create a business that’s not dependant on you. Your days of thinking of yourself as “just the owner” are over. For your business to grow, it needs you to lead it there. It needs you to walk your talk, to stretch out of your comfort zone and to be a role model for the way we do it here.

Values, Passion and Purpose

Most people think they’re clear about their values—but few are. And when it comes to growing your business, a lack of clarity can be fatal.

Your Vision

What will it look like when it’s “done”? From pricing to product, logo to look and feel, get clear on the destination before you start driving.

Key Strategic Indicators

How do you know if you’re on track? Create simple, clear milestones to monitor your progress—and to help you reach your goals.



Make the emotional connection with your customers 


Your brand has nothing to do with your logo, and has as much to do with sales and finance as it does your marketing. It’s a feeling, not a thing—and the real reason why people buy or don’t. If leadership is the heart of your business, brand is its soul.

Your Brand Commitment

How do you want your customers to feel when they buy from you? Develop the foundation for your culture and customer experience.

Positioning and Differentiating Your Business

How are you different from everyone else in your industry? Discover your unique value and find your voice in the marketplace.

Your Image and Sensory Package

What shapes and colors best express your business? Learn to use design to amplify your brand from the inside out.



Understand your finances


Integrate your finances into your business strategy

The trap is thinking that more sales is the answer when it’s the other way around. Getting your financial house in order, and having the right metrics to track along the way, is the key to spending precious cash to have the biggest impact.

Financial Management that Supports Your Vision

Do you know how to interpret your financial statements? Learn simple ways to take control of your finances.

Your Budget Plan

Can you forecast the financial future of your business? Discover how budgeting creates clarity and better decision making.

Your Cash Plan

Are you focused on cash as much as profit? Creating a cash plan will help stabilize your day-to-day cash flow.



Manage your people


Attract the right people, create the right systems to grow

Management sounds like it’s about people, and it is, but it’s equally about the systems people need to do their jobs well. It’s about creating a workplace based in self-responsibility, where workarounds, kicking the can and not having the right tools are a thing of the past.

Your Organizational Strategy

Are your employees clear about their roles? A well-made org chart is an invaluable tool for everyone involved.

Brand Based Recruiting

Do you get resumes from the right people? Learn how to recruit and hire the right fit for your culture.

Developing Great People

Are you an effective mentor? Learn how to manage employees by focusing on results, accountability and consistent communication.



Deliver excellence to customers


Design a front to back customer experience that delights

You’ve spent all that money on marketing, and you’ve got the new customers. Then what? Delivery is everything that happens next. And it’s where most small businesses fall down. Work on your delivery systems so they’re not walking away muttering under their breath, but shouting from the hilltops.

Your Product Strategy and Design

How do you excite the right customers? Learn how to reimagine what you offer to attract people who are more likely to buy.

Quality Management

Is your product or service the same every time? Create a system for flawless quality and consistent engagement.

Exceeding Your Customer’s Expectations

What if your customers were your best advertisement? Create an experience they’ll want to share.



Increase your sales


Build a sales system that works for your unique business

Sales is where values usually go to die. What if sales wasn’t a tactic to get people in, but instead their first experience of how incredible your business actually is? It’s time to create a real process for your unique business, so sales becomes about adding value with predictable results.

Your Sales Process

What if selling was more personal? Learn to meet your customers’ needs and support their purchase decision in a meaningful way.

Your Client Reconversion Process

When it comes to selling, do you focus on solving a problem? Develop a process that connects emotionally with your customers’ needs.

Effective Sales Presentations

How do you sell with high integrity? Learn the basis for all customer relationships with your salespeople.



Generate quality leads


Attract the right customers to your business

Generosity. Help. Guidance. That’s the spirit. Great marketing is about meeting people where they are, not insisting where they should be. Attract the right customers by getting clear on who they actually are, where they live and what it is they actually need.

Your Most Probable Customer

Are you marketing to the right people? Learn how to find your best customers with the product-market grid.

Customer Perceptions and Behaviors

Why do your customers buy from you? Take a deep dive into the emotional reasons your customers choose you.

Lead Generation Channels

How do you know if you’re reaching out in the right places? Analyze and quantify your results to get the most out of your marketing.


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we are meta.
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