Have you ever thought you couldn’t do something? Making whatever it was feel bigger than you?

Maybe it was lifting a heavier weight in the gym, or running further than you ever thought possible? Maybe you finally had that difficult conversation with someone that’s been bugging you for years?

Then - somehow, someway - you surprised yourself by doing it the very thing you thought you couldn’t do? Becoming bigger than it in the process. You know, going beyond your limits.

That’s what we help you do for your business, and your life. We help you learn how to take control of your business so you lead it, rather than it leading you.

The word ‘meta’ is Greek, and means ‘after’ or ‘beyond’.

We are meta. We help people grow beyond their limits.

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Business Coaching

meta's founder, David Foster, in action at one of our leadership workshops.

meta’s founder, David Foster, in action at one of our leadership workshops.

Our business coaching revolves around a relationship with you based on care, competence, challenge and curiosity. A place you can be yourself, without being judged. A place you can open up to what’s really going on inside your business. A sounding board with your best interests at heart who holds you accountable for the results you say you want. A place that supports you with a flexible curriculum to suit your needs.

We care about helping you create a successful and fulfilled life.

Our competence allows us to quickly identify the root cause of your problems and support you in becoming bigger than them. We give you real-world tools to solve real-world problems.

We challenge you by asking the right questions at the right time, helping you grow beyond your limits, so you can make the changes you need to develop your company.

Our curiosity means no stone gets left unturned. We help you see the bigger picture of what’s really going on inside you and your business, going meta to get above and beyond the situation in front of you.

Great coaching is a constant balancing act between making sure you get help with the most pressing issues while keeping you focused and accountable for long-term change.

If it feels like a good fit for you, drop us a line, and let’s get started.

How could it help a Business Owner?

Chances are you started your business because you were brilliant at your job, and thought it would be easy to create a company doing what you were employed to do, and make loads of money. You liked the idea of the potential benefits.

How different is your business now, compared to when you imagined what it would be like when you started out?

We all need someone in our lives we can trust and be open and honest with, a support network. In our experience, a lot of business owners just don’t have that. We fill that void by supporting you from underneath whilst holding you accountable for the results you say you want.

Our business coaching will help you:

  • Learn about leadership and build a culture of ownership inside your company
  • Build a brand that reflects your uniqueness
  • Manage your business finances to healthy and sustainable profits
  • Become a great manager so your people feel inspired to help your business succeed
  • Learn how to build a delivery model that generates consistent referrals
  • Discover how to sell with integrity
  • Learn how to generate the right kind of leads that are a fit for your brand

Most importantly we’ll help you open your mind to a new way of doing business, a way that keeps you engaged, focused and enjoyable – giving you better results and more life.


We all hit brick walls from time to time. Getting an outside perspective with fresh thinking on some of your business frustrations can provide a clear pathway to business success.

Our consulting covers all areas of business, whatever your frustration chances are we’ve had a similar experience ourselves or have helped our clients overcome the same.

If you’re looking for a sounding board to help you get clarity on some things that are annoying you inside your business, get in touch and see if we’re a fit for what you need.


emyth-022-img_0281Good quality training for leaders, managers and employees can lead to a big return on investment.

It may be you have a good business, however, you know it could be better. If only your team could sell as well as you do, life would be so much easier.

Maybe when you’re in your business everything goes well, but the minute you’re not in the office performance dips – leaving you feeling insecure about having time off.

Our on-site training can be designed to suit your specific requirements. Whether you want training for you and your team on time management and productivity, selling with integrity or managing for success – we can help.

Get in touch for a chat about the result you want, and we’ll see if we can help.



Something special happens when you get a group of like-minded people together who are passionate about business. That’s what we do, create supportive communities to help business owners grow beyond their limits alongside their peers.

Our live EMyth workshops are renowned for being real, helping people make huge shifts in the space of a day or two that make all the difference in changing the performance of their business.

Our content covers all elements of business. From leadership to management, sales to finance, delivery and marketing – whatever you need, we can help.

We also do on-site workshops for larger organisations. Feel free to get in touch, to see if we can help you make the changes your business needs, so you get the results you want.

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