Have you ever thought you couldn’t do something? Making whatever it was feel bigger than you?

Maybe it was lifting a heavier weight in the gym, or running further than you ever thought possible? Maybe you finally had that difficult conversation with someone that’s been bugging you for years?

Then - somehow, someway - you surprised yourself by doing it the very thing you thought you couldn’t do? Becoming bigger than it in the process. You know, going beyond your limits.

That’s what we help you do for your business, and your life. We help you learn how to take control of your business so you lead it, rather than it leading you.

The word ‘meta’ is Greek, and means ‘after’ or ‘beyond’.

We are meta. We help people grow beyond their limits.

Let's get started


Our individually designed business coaching helps you gain the knowledge, skill, and awareness you need to grow beyond your limits, giving you the freedom to create a company that serves your dreams.

We primarily work within the EMyth business development model called the seven dynamics (see below). Starting with leadership and working around the other elements of being and doing: branding, finance, management, sales, delivery and marketing.

We see every business as an ecosystem – a living thing made up of people and processes. Our goal is to help you get all of the components working together seamlessly.

We know how important it is to create a usable, scalable business. And we also know that systems aren’t the solution – they are the destination.

We’ll help you discover – or rediscover – your passion for what you do and build a business around it that serves your life, and enriches the lives of your employees and your customers at the same time.

Whatever systems, technologies, and goals comprise a great business, it is people who dream them up, set them in motion, and keep them on track. Whether everything works in your business or not depends on the harmony of people and systems and the values that bring them together. Humanistic management begins with recruiting and continues all the way to letting someone go when your values or needs do not match.

Management is about knowing your people, what really motivates them, and what’s in the way of each employee embodying your brand to the next level. It’s not about knowing it once a quarter or whenever something goes wrong but everyday, every moment. That might seem impossible. It’s not when you have the right systems in place supported by talented people who care about themselves and their work. Every business challenge and solution can be approached through asking why, what and how in the right moments and in the right ways. And the answers don’t just solve today’s problems, they are the foundation of your evolving culture.

We’re also skilled at helping you start solving some of the recurring frustrations you have inside your business, whatever they are. Maybe you can’t find good people, don’t have enough sales, don’t know how to manage your team to get the best out of them, have difficulty understanding finances, or maybe you’re passion has gone for what you’re doing and you’ve no idea how to get it back – whatever it is, we can help.