Have you ever thought you couldn’t do something? Making whatever it was feel bigger than you?

Maybe it was lifting a heavier weight in the gym, or running further than you ever thought possible? Maybe you finally had that difficult conversation with someone that’s been bugging you for years?

Then - somehow, someway - you surprised yourself by doing it the very thing you thought you couldn’t do? Becoming bigger than it in the process. You know, going beyond your limits.

That’s what we help you do for your business, and your life. We help you learn how to take control of your business so you lead it, rather than it leading you.

The word ‘meta’ is Greek, and means ‘after’ or ‘beyond’.

We are meta. We help people grow beyond their limits.

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How to Discover What You Want in Life

By David Foster 4 months ago
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I spent many, many years in a constant state of not knowing what I wanted in life.

I had some idea, but rarely slowed down enough to really dig deep to find out what I wanted.

I was so hell-bent on chasing ‘success’ I never really stopped to discover what kind of life I’d like to create to give me success AND fulfilment.

Sound familiar?

Everything started to change once I asked this question:

“What do I want in Life?”

When I did amazing things started to unfold. My awareness grew and I eventually became a lot clearer about where I wanted to go and how to get there.

Better awareness = better choices = better results.

I realised I wasn’t alone.

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients from all over the globe: men, women, high-achieving entrepreneurs, successful sportspeople, national figureheads—they all had one thing in common …

They didn’t really know what they wanted in their life!

I want to share something with you.

I’ve created a very simple process I’ve used with clients that will help you start to unravel what it really is you desire in life.

If you lack clarity in any part of your life this video will definitely help you.

It all starts with by asking a powerful question … coupled with a commitment to practice my process for just 10 minutes a day for one week.

It’s so simple.

Find out what it is by watching the video below.

I hope you find it valuable.

Love. David.

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