Have you ever thought you couldn’t do something? Making whatever it was feel bigger than you?

Maybe it was lifting a heavier weight in the gym, or running further than you ever thought possible? Maybe you finally had that difficult conversation with someone that’s been bugging you for years?

Then - somehow, someway - you surprised yourself by doing it the very thing you thought you couldn’t do? Becoming bigger than it in the process. You know, going beyond your limits.

That’s what we help you do for your business, and your life. We help you learn how to take control of your business so you lead it, rather than it leading you.

The word ‘meta’ is Greek, and means ‘after’ or ‘beyond’.

We are meta. We help people grow beyond their limits.

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who we are


meta’s Founder, David Foster, in action at one of our leadership workshops.

Over the years I read no end of ‘self-help’ books, watched loads of webinars, attended workshops – always looking for a quick ‘4-hour’ fix –  the silver bullet to solve all my business frustrations. Everything fell short. I came to the conclusion that the majority of personal and business growth programs have limitations, and rarely found the real cause of business owners’ frustrations. Nothing seemed real. Then I found EMyth and my life changed.  Because of this I chose to follow my passion and become an EMyth Certified Business Coach. This allows me to combine my real-world personal experiences with a tried and tested philosophy from EMyth – the world’s leading business coaching company – to specialise in coaching and training business owners, managers and business coaches.

For me it’s about helping people learn how to lead, personally and professionally – so they can have a better life. We never ask clients to do anything we haven’t done ourselves. We call it authentic coaching. In my experience people are only getting more sceptical – they have a sixth sense for flannel and fakery. You have to be real.

If you want to work with me you must be hungry to change and accept that it’s healthy to admit you don’t know it all – when I did that my life and business changed forever. If you put all your cards on the table and are committed to change – I can help you in more ways than you can possibly imagine. I’m looking for people who are up for the challenge and want to grow beyond their limits.

If this sounds like you let’s get started!

David Foster, Founder.

our why

We know from personal experience how challenging it can be owning a business.

We also know how enjoyable it can be bringing like-minded people together to create a healthy one.

We love helping people grow into leaders. Coaching them how learn how to create a healthy business that can grow beyond them, giving them the gift of a more rewarding life in every sense.

Put all these ingredients together, and what happens? What happens is we make a dent in the universe, a positive contribution to people’s lives. And that feels good.

That’s why we do what we do. Because we love it.

how we do it

We start by getting all the cards on the table. Tell us your story. We want to know what’s going on right now in your business, and your life, and why you need our help. We then work with you to agree what results you want that are currently out of your reach. Finally, we help you overcome the things in the way – so you can create a business that gives you a better life.

A large part of our work is helping you get to the root cause of your frustrations. In our experience, unless you get to the root cause of your problems they will never be uprooted, and constantly pop up time and time again in different ways. You’ll always feel like you’re stuck. We help you look at your business from a different perspective so you can choose to change the way things are. If you put in place our recommendations you’ll get the results you want in your business and your life.

Ultimately, we help you discover who you are and what you’re passionate about, so you can create a business you love that gives you MORE life. Leading to business and personal growth beyond your limits.

It takes time, it’s challenging… and the great news is that it works.

what we do

We coach using the EMyth Perspective, a philosophy that’s been tried and tested over nearly four decades. In that time EMyth has helped over 80,000 business owners all over the world transform their enterprises. At the core of this perspective is that every business is a reflection of the owner.

EMyth’s model focuses on what we call the seven dynamics, and we’re trained and certified to coach you in each of these areas: Leadership, Brand, Finance, Management, Delivery, Sales and Marketing.

Your business is an ecosystem—a living thing made up of people and processes. And there’s a lot that goes into getting it right. We’ll give you the right combination of mentoring, tools, and systems, you’ll start to have a different experience of running your business day-to-day: one that never leaves the personal behind.

We will be your guide through the EMyth process to help you discover—or rediscover—your passion for what you do, build a business that extends that passion out to your employees, and meets your customers with an experience you’ll be proud of, every time.

If you want to talk to us about your business and what it is you need, drop us a line and we can find out if we’re a good fit for you. We’re not for everyone. But if what you’ve read sounds like what you need, then get in touch to see how we can help.


we are meta.

we help people grow beyond their limits.


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